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What is a proof?

Proof is a HANDWRITTEN sign [on hand or paper] that contains their URL to their site they are trying to prove they are real on.

For site-modeling sites, proof is where the person writes their site-model name [ex; Babyfayce, Brokelle Bones, Izzi Murder, Kiki Kannibal.] on a sign [urls are sometimes included.] to prove they are real.

What we want in a proof:
So, you were accused of being fake on MY site? How can you prove you're real? Please do the following:

- Make a sign, on the sign you must include: your FACEBOOK url on a HANDWRITTEN sign, and your name. [your "nickname" [ex; kiki kannibal, izzi murder, brokelle bones]
- The sign MUST BE HANDWRITTEN!. Don't EDIT your name on a pic. I WILL know.

-Take a pic with it! Of course!
-Last, but DEFINITELY not least, send it to me via "Contact Us" please, DO   NOT SEND US IT ON Facebook!

-If you follow instructions, and you are NOT fake, I will remove you from the list. If you are still fake, and faked a proof, you will be a main target for deletion. Thanks.